Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert the Presses

Hello once again my bloggy friends! It has been way too long. I finished my first semester of PT school and the good news is that I am going back for another semester! yay!

So you might be asking yourself what I will be doing with my free time. Well I will be reading for fun! I know I am crazy, but I am (was) in the middle of three yes three books before school started so yea going to finish those. I actually finished the 7th Artemis Fowl book the day after school ended it is an easy and fun read that I can just sit and read till my eyes hurt, which is always fun, well in a weird way.

Now I am working on Brisinger (dragon rider series), or however it is spelled, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I am almost done with Two Towers, a.k.a. never ending journey through rocks, then onto Return of the King. So any who that is what I will be doing. I actually can not decide what I should read first Lord of the Rings or Brisinger what do you think??

Anyway, enough with my ramblings about my reading choices, the most exciting thing about this Christmas is my Brother and his Wife are coming into town, YAY!!!!! I can not wait!!!!!

Well anyway I got to get back to one of my books, Let me know which to read first, Lord of the Rings or Brinsinger???? (I think I spelled Brisinger about four different ways, oh well hehe).

Later Dayz and Happy Christmas ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Football, Turkey Break and Dancing Hippos

You might be saying well Megan long time no type and I would have to say since I really did not get home on average till after 11 pm last week then well yea something had to go and sorry this was it. But since it is Thanksgiving break I actually get to update my blog!!! 

So what have I been up to???? 

Wellllllllllllllll after getting done with school yesterday I went to see Bond James Bond with some friends, it was pretty good I have to say that I do enjoy a good bond movie. Then today I went to see the craziest football game ever. I mean when one team scores 68 points you would think they would win, but I say NOT if the other team score 93 points, yes that is right ACU scored 93 points and almost 100 which is crazy since the score board only has 2 digits. 

Then tonight my mom sent me this link in an email. If you need a good laugh then this is the thing for you! If you do not need a laugh and like big purple hippos then this is the link for you!

Anyway I am rambling while watching Tech lose to OU and I have to say that I am okay with that as long as Texas is ahead of OU in the standings when all is said and done. 

So anyway that is my life today and tomorrow I will have to get back to studying some so I will ttyls and hope you all have a grrrrrrrrrreat Turkey day and remember that caffeine can fight the turkey drowsies so you can cheer on Texas when they beat ATM. Well later dayz

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What up home fries

So it has been near an eternity since I have blogged and I wanted to take the time to say hey, how's it going, or what up yo' which ever you prefer to my bloggy buddies.

A little update about school : it is hard. You might be thinking "uh Megan, no duh it is hard, it is doctorate of physical therapy school, what did you think it would be like, kindergarten where you take a nap and then give you a diploma?" Then I would reply well, "no, of course not (in a not convincing tone)"

No really, I did not think that at all, but you know I did not think I would have to, you know, choose what to cut out of my day for more study time between sleeping and eating. Seriously, the thought crossed my mind, then my panic stricken self went away and a reality check in the form of a friend reassured me that I would will be fine. But I did start studying for a couple of my finals today, my finals are in five weeks, I never thought I would be one of those people that studied this much, but God does detailed work and there is a lot to learn.

So anyway overall I love school, especially the people. There are some really fun and diverse people in my class and I love to just see how people interact so that makes the days really fun.

Hmmmm what else, oh this past week I took 3 written tests and 3 practicals so a not too bad of a week is ahead I mean what else could they possibly test on right?

I hope all is going well with you guys and I hope to write more often. I will ttyl and I will try to write some more funny things that happen at school or in the interviews, did y'all know people cry in those................. huh weird, later

Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Ten things that PT school teaches you

Okay so besides the obvious................... Oh and if there are weak stomachs sorry, do not read.

10. That "another manic monday" actually has meaning (what did I do this weekend, not nearly enough)

9. You will always be behind in what you are suppose to be doing

8. That random comments make 8 hrs worth of grad school at day go by faster

7. That subcutaneous fat looks like greasy scrabbled eggs

6. I will not eat scrambled eggs until I am done with gross anatomy

5. There are teachers that sound like Charlie Brown's teacher, especially after lunch

4. Caffiene is a gift, but you will soon become less affected by it, which means you need more for the same effect.

3. Lack of sleep and allergies will result in sinus infection

2. You feel guilty when not studying

1. Stress happens!!!!, try to stay away from the chocolate when it does!

Best quote of the day: Tech Guy holding a (fake) Rib, to my Kinesiology Professor:

"here make a women"


Friday, September 26, 2008

Another week down

So here is the official statement: I have been officially a Student of Physical Therapy for a month! Good news, I have not failed out, I have not been kicked out, and I think I am getting used to the schedule and the lack of sleep thing. yay me!!

oh!, an update about the dreaded test that was Monday, I not only passed but I made a 79 which was 5 points lower than the highest score and 2 points above the class average!! So I am making it. This week has been a pretty good week, busy but good! So just wanted to update you guys on the current goings on as a PT student and well let me tell you what I am doing with my life right now,

Go to class
Study for class
workout for stress relief caused by class
get sleep to stay awake in class
study for class

go to church on Sunday

I am seeing a theme, anyone else? haha well that is my life and I really look forward to seeing most people on Sunday, So until then just remember December 2010 is right around the corner ;)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Kicking and Screaming

So today is the end of week three of PT school, good news they have not kicked me out and I have not failed out yet ;) Also, I passed my first anatomy test with a solid "B" (wooohooo) and I passed a med terms "test" with flying colors yay me!!! So this week has been pretty good.

This weekend however, will be stressful because I have a dreaded Kinesiology test on Monday. This class is one that you dread going to because you know that you will end up crying during long study sessions that seem to make you feel dumber than help you. Yea that class. What is way worse, is the stories I hear from the 2nd years about the test. And the fact that all the professors laugh when we mention Kinesiology tests in their class is a little troubling. Here are some of the things I have heard this week.

1. You will cry because of this class
2. The mean after the curve is a 68! (from kinesiology professor)
3. You will look at the test and say, "we did not go over this in class"
4. You will look at the test and say. "What is this?"
5. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
6. Just remember this verse from Monday

These "helpful" hints are soooooooooooo helpful that my blood pressure rises to about 180/150 mm HG and then smoke comes out of my ears every time people start talking about kinesiology. Now here is my thing about helpful tips. The list above IS NOT HELPFUL!!! (well the verse is) What I really need is instant knowledge about levers, and force vectors, and other stuff that I do not remember. I mean I thought I got rid of physics after undergrad and here is my nemesis all over again!!! Okay well praying for me!

I just thought I was going to get some sleep this weekend , HA! So that is my weekend plans so I hope y'all have a better weekend than that planned!! WAIT I forgot I get my nails done and a message this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!, hmmmm things are looking up! I guess I will see you guys at church.

Hold on Tuesday is coming!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Naked Runner Story

So on a previous post that I wrote a couple of days ago I got a comment that I needed to write about the naked runner story told by my professor. So Sarah this is for you.

One of my professors is real big into triathlons and wakes up before time exists and rides his road bike and swims and etc. I know crazy. Well one Sunday morning he was riding his bike here in town and he was in the "speed position" or whatever you call it this whole triathlon thing is way foreign to me, you know with the bars and the head down looking at the pedals. Yea anyway he was riding along when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. So when he was going past this "object" (that happened to be crossing over to his side of the road) he looked up from his speed position and whammo it was a guy running naked. That is right naked. Well actually he was wearing a bandanna around his neck. He also just said that he did not look back after he had past him. LOL oh the things we learn at PT school. Till next time.

This is my version of what he said so I could not remember some of the exact details but the main parts are right so yea, Abilenians be aware if you are out in the wee hours of the morning you never know what you might see!

Texas Value Cards

Hey there bloggy friends, so I hate to do this but our class is selling Texas Value Cards so I thought I would "advertise" on my blog. So

What are Texas Value Cards?

They are a discount card that you can use here in Abilene and even out of town for restaurants and entertainment venues. They contain coupons for the Zoo, movie theatres, Restaurants, And I also think Prime Time. There are a lot of deals for buy one get one free meals or entry.

How much do they cost?
$15 and $9 go directly to our class. That might sound steep but if you get two buy one get one free meals then hey there ya go you paid for your card :-D

How will this money (my money) be used?
It goes directly to our class to help with things like: a Clinical opportunity in African for a few students (help with the cost to go), Mission trip to Mexico in the summer(cost of fiood, lodging, and other general costs), Help cost for graduation regalia and banquet, and more that I am not exactly sure about. But we get $9 out of every card sold.

Is it worth it?
I have not used the cards but I am thinking about getting one myself. I know professors at our school also buy these cards and one said she always buys at least one because "it pays for itself in two meals". So it is up to you.

If you are interested just reply to this blog and we will take it from there. Oh and I think this might be a fundraiser for some schools in this area so I do not want to get in the way of some of your kiddos so FYI I would check what they are doing.

Thanks Y'all until next time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain, Books, and Exams oh my

So here I am blurry eyed from lack of sleep and too much reading of kinesiology and I thought, "Self I have not posted anything on my blog for far too long." Then I quickly replied to myself, "Megan you are so right you need to post something tonight." So here I am.......


I am in the process of finishing up my 2nd week of PT school and I am still a little "lost" into my syllabi. Now you might be thinking Megan it can not be that bad but oh let me tell you something, the most stressful thing about this whole PT school business thing is trying to keep everything strait in your head. Which is normally hard without, you know science running through my head 24/7. That might not sound that bad but the amount of things that I have to do in a given day on top of actually learning stuff and retaining it, is the hard thing. So anyway, enough with the stress, we all have enough stress in our days so some best parts of WEEK 2 of PT school.

1. Rain !!!! in west Texas we almost never complain about rain.
2. Naked runner story from professor
3. Rain which means an hour more sleep a night because I did not have to walk in the morning!
4. Passing a Medical Terms quiz my guessing alone wooohooo!!! Love those days
5. Sharky's With new friends and seeing other friends there too!!
6. Getting things done
7. Rain
8. Awkward moments, oh the awkward moments in lab (more to come on those ;) )
9. Listening to my theme song (unbreakable by Fireflight)
10. Actually understanding 75% of test material for Anatomy test on Tuesday
11. Making new friends
12. Did I mention Rain??

So yay for 2nd week of school. The next 3 weeks I have tests so well lets just say that I might look, sound, or act a little more stressed than normal. (look for brown headed girl banging her head with a kinesiology book trying out osmosis)

So that means the writing will be a little patchy but hang in there I will post some awkward lab moments this weekend hopefully so that will just have to get you through the next couple of weeks. K well hope y'all have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend, oh that means college football, I love Saturdays in the fall.

Later I might get to bed before midnight yay Sleep!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My day tomorrow

Just so my blog friends know about my day tomorrow or on most Mondays I thought I would tell you my schedule for tomorrow.

MONDAY Week 2: " I have no idea what I am doing, this could get interesting"

5:50 am--Wake up get dressed to go walk
6:00 am--Walk around campus with "S"
6:55 am--Get home and eat breakfast with mom
7:10 am--Shower quickly and get dressed for school
7:25 am--Check email etc......
7:35 am--Drive to school haul 50 lbs of books into class
8:00 am--Kinesiology
10:00 am--Physiology (I think, this might be seminar tomorrow i dunno)
11:00 am--Staff meeting early lunch for us
11:15 am--Meet mimi grandfather and dad for mimi b-day lunch
1:00 pm--Foundations maybe another class in there in the afternoon not sure
5:00 pm--Lug all books back to car and drive home and get ready for kickboxing
6:00pm--Drive to kickboxing
7:30pm--Hobble to car and drive home
8:00pm--Eat dinner and rehydrate
8:30pm--Read over notes and do HW
10:00pm--Shower again and study as needed and try to go to sleep before midnight

wow no wonder I am tired.

(random tangent warning)
Well to get me through PT school I have found a theme song, way girly and maybe a little sad but hey look at my schedule you would need a theme song too, it is called "unbreakable" from Fireflight. Hardcore Christian Rock, FYI.
(end of random tangent)

K well it is off to bed for me I will see you when I see you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

First week of PT

So I just finished my first week of PT school and wow am I tired. Not only did I start the most intense learning experience ever; it has been compared to drinking out of a fire hydrant, you do not get a lot to drink but you sure do get wet, but I also supplemented my kickboxing. I am getting up and walking with a friend around the ACU track at 6 am every week day. (y'all remember how I love mornings since time does not exist before 6 am)
You might say, "Megan that is too much" and I will tell you something, the stress of PT school makes me want to eat, (ice cream with lots of chocolate) so instead I exercise. But I really do not have a long time to tell you about my week because I still have to get about 5 chapters done before bed tonight. Which means I am doing HW on a Friday night, I know that is a little sad but hey I have resigned myself to not having a social life for 2 years and three months. So here is what I have to do this weekend.

Medical term. worksheet :DONE
Study medical terminology everyday: about that hmmmm
Finish SOAP Note workbook: DONE HURRAY!
Write SOAP Note :DONE

Catch up on Reading for Kines and Human Anatomy: DONE
Work on project that is due Wednesday: DONE
Read over all notes from past week: not likely
Practice assessing vitals for 3 more people
Go to store and get more stuff for school: DONE
Not go insane: well i sorta did but hey it is PT school
Try to go to bed before midnight every night: that did not happen stupid SOAP Notes

well better get going time is ticking away!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

LA Boxing

Since I will be in the health profession, and lets face it, I needed to, I decided to lose some weight to get healthy. To do this I started riding the exercise bike in our garage. Let just say I got bored with this, about the time I sat down on the machine. I get bored quite easily and lets face it, if I am bored with exercise there is not a chance that I can stick with it.

So I was doing ok with sticking with the bike, when one day my Mom came in and said I found the PERFECT gym for you. (since me and the thought of being really sweaty in front of muscular boys is not my idea of good time, I was skeptical) I was like, "okay let me hear about it". She said that there is a boxing place where there are classes that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. Then I was like okay! I am interested and a little skeptical.

Well the next day (or the next hour) my mom went and checked it out and she told me, "Megan there is a boxing ring and equipment you can buy like boxing gloves etc". So I was totally sold, because lets face it ladies, when we get to accessorize, well we are all sold.

So I checked it out. Overall I loved the look, was extremely intimidating, but I thought, "well why not, I think this would be exciting". So I thought it over for a weekend and then I tried it out.

First time I thought I might die. Now that might seem like an exaggeration, nope not an exaggeration I really thought I was going to die. You just do not realize how your body gets "soft" when you do not use it correctly and how hard it is to actually get going back to where you are suppose to be, after not doing something for a while, like since high school sports.

So anyway I thought I was going to die but I tried it again. And again. Then I decided that I should sign up. I love it y'all. It is empowering and a great workout. Not to mention that I can actually throw a punch now, which, I am not sure how handy that will be when I am a physical therapist but hey it seemed important to mention. Anyway, back to the story.

Well it has been about a month since I started. During my journey me and my Nemesis met quite often. The scale. The instrument to which we women judge ourselves daily, weekly or monthly by. So me and my nemesis met and each time no loss, gain, no loss etc..... sooooo I continued on my weight loss goals and went to kickboxing three times a week. Now I feel healthier, better, and more in shape. I still have a long way to go, but I feel better.

So today my mom and I went shopping for some clothes for school. She is determined to make me more feminine and I am resisting with every fiber if my being. Sorry but I am stubborn like that, anyway I got on the scale this morning I have officially gained two pounds since last week. After throwing the scale across the room I went shopping with my mom. I reluctantly tried on clothes. Now this is make or brake time people, this is when you know if you are doing good or bad on your diet, since new clothes never lie. So I tried on a few things and, wait a minute I need a smaller size in these shirts. Oh and in these pants.


After a little dance in the dressing room and much rejoicing I bought some new smaller outfits. People, it goes to show you that, you should not give up when you gain weight and you are working out regularly. You are probably gaining muscle that weighs more than fat and you are losing inches.

So needless to say I can not wait to go to kickboxing tomorrow. So keep it up you dieters!!!, if I can do it so can you!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hairy Days Episode II: Attack of the Air Conditioner

So Let me update some of y'all to our current situation going on around our house. We needed a new air conditioner for my side of the house so they where going to come around 6:15 am yesterday to install it. So since they did not show up yesterday, which is when I thought my dad might eat someone, they came today. Well this morning they got here around 6:30 am and woke me up banging around in our attic that happened to be above my room. Have I mentioned how much I love early mornings? Anyway, around 8 am there was a huge crash so I looked into the living room and there was a leg!, yes a leg!, sticking through our ceiling. So I told dad we might need to go check on the person who was attached to the leg stick through our ceiling and well he was thrilled of course to find out that a leg broke through our ceiling but the guy turned out to be fine. So here is a picture of our ceiling that has three screws in it to hold it together. Lets just say it has been a morning of fun which I got to get away from to get and awesome haircut so here is the result.

I know I look awesome!!! I love it and I think it fits my personality.

So I got Gray's Anatomy for Students in the mail today and I was really excited. So excited in fact that I could not keep my eyes open for a picture. Yes I feel really smart when holding this book.

Then reality sets in, I have to know all of this book, which weighs about as much as I do. Oh boy, well at least my hair looks good!

Until Next time!!! Hey maybe we will have air conditioning by then, well its doubtful

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hairy Days

We all know that I am not the most "stylish" when it comes to my hairdos or hairdon'ts whichever you like to call my current hair situation but there is hope people, I am getting my hair done tomorrow for grad school. So here is my dilemma, this will be the hair style that my future classmates and professors will see and therefore have a first impression of me from which to stereotype my fun and captivating personality. So an opinion poll. Which means I value your opinion but am in no way obligated to follow the votes and will consider your vote voided if there is any spikes, bald spots or flaming red in your suggestion. K here are the choices I was thinking.

I could get my hair cut shorter with a sporty look, that I will NOT have to put up since I am not hair putter upper coordinated, with blond highlights 

or I can keep the same ol' same ol' and get a trim with blond highlights. Which means I need to get over my uncoordinated hair putting up abilities.

Any thoughts feelings, concerns, other ideas? 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Megan's Awkward Moments

So here is another one of my favorite awkward moments that happened earlier today. 

Awkward Moment px45923: "Beached Whale"

So I am into kickboxing at La Boxing here in town and I love it. Even though it is the roughest thing that I have ever done. It is right up there with week long basketball camp that was so stressful I got shingles when I got home. 

Anyway I am rambling, on with the awkward goodness!! So after sweating through my shirt during the first 45 mins out of an hour long workout, the last 15 mins all we do is abs. Let me tell you when you do abs you let go of all hope of looking lady like and just give into laying on the floor and feeling awkward. 

But here is the kicker, we do one ab session where we are laying face down on the floor, then in a brilliant move of grace and athleticism you are suppose to raise you upper body off the floor while you feet and lower body are on the ground while moving you arms from above your head to your waist. Well that is how you are suppose to do it. I on the other hand, flail about like a beach whale, trying really hard to just, you know, breath and continue to do the exercise while trying not to laugh at myself. Can you say beached whale, yea that is what I thought. Well just another moment in the life of Megan.

Until next time.


So just a little update that I got contacts today, just thought you all should know. Which means I can see while doing physical activity. I think this is a start of a wonderful relationship. 

Well, as long as it does not take me an hour to put them in my eye, every morning. If you do not see me tomorrow I will be in my bathroom putting in my contacts. 


Friday, August 1, 2008


Today is the day I have been waiting for since, well, I started working at the rehab. 

The day I get to be a slob for the rest of the summer until I have to start school. NO more work as a technician EVER again! Let the fun and doctor, hair, nail, and massage appointments begin!  

I will miss my friends at work though, really great people. But bring on the fun!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Megan's Awkward moments

So since I have so many of these awkward moments throughout the day I thought I would start sharing the most awkward ones on here so we can all enjoy my discomfort.

Awkward Moment # PJ6953 "Professor at Rehab"

So not too long ago a former professor comes into rehab, which is weird in the first place, because I know he/she thinks I am incompetent cause he/she taught a ridiculously hard course that I will NEVER understand, so that is awkward enough. Well one of his/her treatments is ESTIM or electrical stimulation (not what you are thinking). Well to use this machine you have to have electrodes that are like giant stickers that are square and white. Let me see, who had to take those electrodes off of former professor's "upper thigh?" Oh wait, that would be me.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if you did not get the "upper thigh" reference think about it. Yes well the things I have seen at the rehab. hmmmmm well hope that brightens your day. Later

More Pictures

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harry Potter Addicts rejoice

Just to let all those who are addicted to HP as much as I am that the teaser trailer for HBP is now out and on!!!!

Just a little update. That is all, over and out.


This is my last week as a physical therapy technician hopefully forever.

So let the countdown begin.

4 days!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pics, Pics, and more Pics episode 2

You guessed it more pics from Alaska, enjoy!

This is the Mendenhall glacier and this is from a good distance away, so that chuck-o-ice was huge!

Whale Tale.

Dad in front of waterfall by where we had our salmon bake.

This was when me and Dad walked around on a glacier, and that is the Alaskan Flag.

Till Next Time!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 75th B-day

So tonight we celebrated my papa's 75th b-day with a surprise party with a western theme. It was really cute and fun and of course very tiring not sure what was most tiring, the pre-partay cleaning frenzy to beat all frenzies, or the partay itself. I also came to the conclusion that

A. Old people are funny
B. Old people WILL tell stories -AND-
C. Everyone thinks I look like a high school age student (15 yrs) and is quite surprised
when I tell them, "no I am about to start Graduate school and am in fact 23".

I do not mind looking younger than I really am but you know I pretty much have to show proof of age to all the people who ask, for them to actually believe me that I am 23 years of age. Oh well.

-Side note I have decided the pre-partay cleaning frenzy was the most tiring.-

All in all fun night, really tired and really ready for some sleepy sleep.

So until tomorrow PEACE OUT HOMEFRIES.

More Pics

So here are some more pics from Alaska, sorry for the delay I have been busy.

This one is my Dad is front of a HUGE tree trunk, THIS is a real tree people, not a bush that we have here.

Another flower from the gardens

The pics with waterfalls and cliffs are the Misty Fjords, this part was so cool, we took a float plane and a boat through these.

This is from the float plane.

So something educational for you, on top of the totum (sp?) polls if the eagle had its arms closed it was a warrior tribe and if these arms where out like this one they were friendly.

more updates to come, later dayz!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh the things we say at work.

So at work today I said something that I thought I would never say and I thought was quite amusing. So for your entertainment pleasure. 

" Isn't that your patients' leg" 

Yea, well till later.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pics, Pics, and more Pics

So since I do not have much to say today I thought I would just update this week with pics from Alaska. So here is the first set hope you enjoy!

Here is the view from our balcony in Vancouver

This is in Victoria, B.C. there are a bunch of pics here so yea anything with flowers in it is from the Butchart Gardens.

Me and My Mom


Monet, nope, this is a Megan Orignal.

Well I think this will just have to tide you over for a little while. I will hopefully upload somemore tomorrow. Laters

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So here I am back in the painfully flat and barren Abilene and I wanted to start off my blog, full of vacation funness, with the Plane ride to Vancouver. Now some of you might think that you do not get any entertainment from the "flying easy bake oven." Or famously known from Jon and Kate plus eight as a "hairpain". But I am here to tell you WRONG absolutely WRONG, you can find entertainment all over the hairpain. I mean before you leave, you can have endless giggle fits over the safety information located behind each seat. Me and my Mom sure did. You might say "Megan you have been sniffing hairpain fumes." I am also here to inform you of a few things:
A. Humor is just a different way of looking at things

B. Screaming two year olds and old men who tell you all the knowledge they obtain since the earth coolled will drive some people a little loopy


C. traveling twelve hours stuffed in a hairpain seat like a sardeen will just make you bang your head against the tripple windowed window, until freedom comes or you will just see everything as funny.

So I have a little presentation for you and I will interpret, so please keep you seat belts fasten and trays and seats in the upright and locked position.

So Picture A you might say oh that means do not take you carry ons while emergency exiting from the airplane and I say NO this means:


Now you might say, what is funny about this and I say, think logically:



So you think this picture says, exit the plane in quick and safe manner and I say:

Be sure to dislocate you knee while exiting a big flying plane of doom!!

In this picture you might say.........., well this is what I said:


and last but not least, the last image,

You might say oh that means do not smoke while in flight and I say:


And you said there is no humor on the hairpain. Y'all have a good day, laters

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Guess who's back??

Well bloggers since today was the first day back to some sense of normalcy, I thought I would tell you about it. The first hour was basically me say "much better, thanks" to everyone which was not so bad but then IT happened. 

Let me now preface this story by saying that I sweat, A lot when my body temperature increases by .01 degrees, in fact I inherited this problem from both sides of the family so saying that I sweat is like saying that the oceans have water. 

So I am at work trying my best to keep up without, passing out, throwing up, or what not and I realize, "wow I am sweating". Now when I sweat I mean not the little perspiration that is dainty and lady like, I mean, beads of nasty, sticky, salty sweat is running down my face soaking my shirt  and making my hair look, well lets just say, rained on..........
I would like to break in here and tell y'all a little story from my basketball days that helps y'all understand the amount that I sweat at any given time, so after a game I am getting dressed and brushing my hair to make myself presentable and one of the members of my team asked me "did you shower?" Feeling just beautiful at that moment I say "no THIS is all natural.

So well now back to my work story, so I am pouring sweat, in an air conditioned building might I add, and well this sticky situation goes on all day. Well I only got a few looks and a few "are you alright?" and me with dropping beads of sweat I say, "yea I am fine thanks". 

Just another normal day at the HCR. Laters 

Friday, May 30, 2008


So since I had such a fabulous week I thought I would share just a little bit about it. 

According to centers for disease control or the CDC (not kidding)  "Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called salmonella. Most persons infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection."  

So needless to say I have made some new friends this week, Sal, Mon, and Nella. So me and my new friends are gonna party like it is 1999 until, well, they leave. So talk to you fine bloggers later!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Time no talk

Well it has been a long time since I have updated my blog but lets just say that Shigela (which is what I possibly might have),  is not fun. Needless to say that I have felt a little poopie the past couple of days. So until next time or until I feel better. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


K well last night my mom threw a bunco party and I was asked to be an alternate. Lets just say that I had a blast and well here is some of my favorite subjects of conversation:

Mother I am 22!!!
Self-Cleaning ovens
diets, while eating hot dogs
how I look 15
Thank goodness I found freedom in Christ (thanks Pam)

Cutest costume goes to Anne (red socks pend to her shirt)

I Know there is more just can not think of them at the moment. Until next time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have a new reality T.V. show idea for the nation. 

You Get 1,000 aspiring comedians, singers, idols, dog groomers, millionaires, bachelors, and bachelorttes,  then put them in Nascars let them ride around only turning left, then have them play three rounds of golf, and then go to an island in the middle of an ocean having them separate into teams compete in pointless games for shells on a stick, then after the winner is announced  they all go and try to become animal groomers, then chefs, top models, and then all move in together in a house full of cameras. Then the last one standing has to watch people actually doing normal stuff like going to work.  I think I shall call it, 

"Hello!!!!!!!  I want some REAL television"  

I mean when did we break into "reality" overload??? And I know Nascar and golf are not reality T.V. I just thought I would throw those in for good measure.  K well just thought I would get that off my chest.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cause sometimes you just need some Tacos

Let me Prelude this Taco story to just say that me and rising before the sun (5:30 am!), not good news for the people around me. In fact, I felt like a bear who is coming out of hibernation ready to eat and devour any person or thing that comes in my way. Not to mention that I do not even remember driving to work today. Huh, not good. To all those who had to endure such fun-ness (not to mention brilliant driving skills that I have no recollection of doing) from me all I have to say is............. sorry, but it is not my fault that they changed my schedule.

Well today is Taco Tuesday which means there is a deal at Rosa's for the Taco Plate. You get three tacos and rice and beans and two tortillas. Let me tell you (I say that a lot, hmmm) after already working 6 hours the time lunch rolled around, I was hungry, upset, and in dire need of some Taco goodness. So Dad took me to lunch :-D Which was great fun and well yall just think I vent on this here blog but, oh does he get to hear a lot more ranting and raving at lunch. So anyway Diet is going well as you can see. Well I mean I did just eat a bowl of fresh cherries, I mean fruit erases fat and in fact erases all other calories ingested for the rest of the day.

Calories: 100000000 over my limit (i like Tacos)

stressful day: 10000000 pulled out hairs 

Bowl of fresh Cherries: Priceless


Monday, May 12, 2008

Well at least I do not work in the Pool

Let me tell you bloggers that it is Monday again, in case you did not notice the death march music playing in the background all day long, and well we all started our new schedules at work. I have one friend who is out of town for a week and another one is covering for her in the Pool, let me tell ya, I have complained a lot about work, but it does not even compare to the chlorinated crazy that is in the pool. 

Number one, let me tell you that for some reason if you have a Hendrick badge on and  sitting in the pool, it means to all, come on in and tell us everything you wouldn't normally tell people about your life and be sure to complain about absolutely EVERYTHING you can and finish it up by asking, "where is K."(My friend who runs the pool) After resisting the urge to drown them, you just say, "she is on vacation for a week". 

After their faces turn from judgemental to disappointed they walk down the stairs into the pool, get about an inch in and say, "wow the pool is cold today" well since we are there to serve we check the temperature. The pool temperature should be 89 degrees, guess what the temperature was, go on guess.......... 88 yes that is right, these ladies can tell the difference of water temperature to the degree. Wanting to drown youself in the four foot pool, you then have to tell them the Hot tub (or in theraputic language, "theraputic Spa") is broken. 

Okay bloggy buddies, I was in there for about 1 hr in today, by the end me and my friend just broke down into laughing fits. You sometimes just have to laugh to keep from crying. Oh poor poor friend who was stuck there ALL DAY.

Well I guess it is just another Monday. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love Saturday

Hurray for Saturday!!!! 

that is all I got to say about that, cause it is Saturday I have some stuff to do.

Laters Megster

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what day is it again??

Okay, so it is Thursday, I know it has been since Monday since I have updated, and really to tell you the truth,  you are lucky that I even have enough energy to form you know, words let alone thoughts, and move my fingers on the keyboard. 

So today was my, "way too early to get to work," day. And guess what the very first thing my boss said this morning tells me, "well since J. has a new position she does not open to outpatient gym anymore you need to get here 10 minutes before 7 to open." (banging head against the wall in despair). Now for those who are Math illiterate that means I will get to work at 6:50 in the morning, yes the morning. Sooooo since time does not exist before 6 am, this seems impossible.

(Side Bar)
Let me so tell you that I hate mornings just about as much as anything, the only thing worse is Monday mornings. I kinda feel like you know hitting people and being grumpy to let people know that I hate mornings.  I am gonna need a gallon of Diet Dr. Pepper to function.

So when the ringing in my ears stopped and my blood pressure dropped back down to safe levels and that little vain on my head that pulses in the fight or flight scenario calmed down,  I calmly replied okay is that all you wanted to talk to me about, thinking you know that hmmmm maybe I will get a you know, a "we appreciate how hard you work" or something along those lines not a, "get here at work before dawn!"

I mean, Do people even exists that early? I am here to tell you NO! 

Well now that I got over well having to be there before my eyes and arms work, I realized that hmmm I am the only technician in the gym for two hours so when the two hours pass (along with losing about ten pounds, some hair and two machines needed for rehab) I see the other technician there and wow am I glad to see him. 

Then I realized that I was sweaty, yes that is right sweaty I am sure that I looked stunningly beautiful for the rest of the day. I am thankful for putting on extra D.O. for the B.O. 

Well I am home and well thank goodness cause I worked from 7-6 today and if I had to work another second I think I might of just melt into a puddle. So on that happy note, I just finished eating steak (thanks dad!) and am watching survivor. So really I am now just putting off my second  job duties and studying for my final tomorrow, that I definitely have not even started studying for, ooooops ;) 

Well overall I am so glad this day is over and I think that it will not be as bad as a day when I look back on it tomorrow. So I will leave you with an inspiring quote that I really need to hear: 

"It requires less Character to discover the faults of others than it does to tolerate them."

J. Petit Senn