Friday, August 15, 2008

LA Boxing

Since I will be in the health profession, and lets face it, I needed to, I decided to lose some weight to get healthy. To do this I started riding the exercise bike in our garage. Let just say I got bored with this, about the time I sat down on the machine. I get bored quite easily and lets face it, if I am bored with exercise there is not a chance that I can stick with it.

So I was doing ok with sticking with the bike, when one day my Mom came in and said I found the PERFECT gym for you. (since me and the thought of being really sweaty in front of muscular boys is not my idea of good time, I was skeptical) I was like, "okay let me hear about it". She said that there is a boxing place where there are classes that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. Then I was like okay! I am interested and a little skeptical.

Well the next day (or the next hour) my mom went and checked it out and she told me, "Megan there is a boxing ring and equipment you can buy like boxing gloves etc". So I was totally sold, because lets face it ladies, when we get to accessorize, well we are all sold.

So I checked it out. Overall I loved the look, was extremely intimidating, but I thought, "well why not, I think this would be exciting". So I thought it over for a weekend and then I tried it out.

First time I thought I might die. Now that might seem like an exaggeration, nope not an exaggeration I really thought I was going to die. You just do not realize how your body gets "soft" when you do not use it correctly and how hard it is to actually get going back to where you are suppose to be, after not doing something for a while, like since high school sports.

So anyway I thought I was going to die but I tried it again. And again. Then I decided that I should sign up. I love it y'all. It is empowering and a great workout. Not to mention that I can actually throw a punch now, which, I am not sure how handy that will be when I am a physical therapist but hey it seemed important to mention. Anyway, back to the story.

Well it has been about a month since I started. During my journey me and my Nemesis met quite often. The scale. The instrument to which we women judge ourselves daily, weekly or monthly by. So me and my nemesis met and each time no loss, gain, no loss etc..... sooooo I continued on my weight loss goals and went to kickboxing three times a week. Now I feel healthier, better, and more in shape. I still have a long way to go, but I feel better.

So today my mom and I went shopping for some clothes for school. She is determined to make me more feminine and I am resisting with every fiber if my being. Sorry but I am stubborn like that, anyway I got on the scale this morning I have officially gained two pounds since last week. After throwing the scale across the room I went shopping with my mom. I reluctantly tried on clothes. Now this is make or brake time people, this is when you know if you are doing good or bad on your diet, since new clothes never lie. So I tried on a few things and, wait a minute I need a smaller size in these shirts. Oh and in these pants.


After a little dance in the dressing room and much rejoicing I bought some new smaller outfits. People, it goes to show you that, you should not give up when you gain weight and you are working out regularly. You are probably gaining muscle that weighs more than fat and you are losing inches.

So needless to say I can not wait to go to kickboxing tomorrow. So keep it up you dieters!!!, if I can do it so can you!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hairy Days Episode II: Attack of the Air Conditioner

So Let me update some of y'all to our current situation going on around our house. We needed a new air conditioner for my side of the house so they where going to come around 6:15 am yesterday to install it. So since they did not show up yesterday, which is when I thought my dad might eat someone, they came today. Well this morning they got here around 6:30 am and woke me up banging around in our attic that happened to be above my room. Have I mentioned how much I love early mornings? Anyway, around 8 am there was a huge crash so I looked into the living room and there was a leg!, yes a leg!, sticking through our ceiling. So I told dad we might need to go check on the person who was attached to the leg stick through our ceiling and well he was thrilled of course to find out that a leg broke through our ceiling but the guy turned out to be fine. So here is a picture of our ceiling that has three screws in it to hold it together. Lets just say it has been a morning of fun which I got to get away from to get and awesome haircut so here is the result.

I know I look awesome!!! I love it and I think it fits my personality.

So I got Gray's Anatomy for Students in the mail today and I was really excited. So excited in fact that I could not keep my eyes open for a picture. Yes I feel really smart when holding this book.

Then reality sets in, I have to know all of this book, which weighs about as much as I do. Oh boy, well at least my hair looks good!

Until Next time!!! Hey maybe we will have air conditioning by then, well its doubtful

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hairy Days

We all know that I am not the most "stylish" when it comes to my hairdos or hairdon'ts whichever you like to call my current hair situation but there is hope people, I am getting my hair done tomorrow for grad school. So here is my dilemma, this will be the hair style that my future classmates and professors will see and therefore have a first impression of me from which to stereotype my fun and captivating personality. So an opinion poll. Which means I value your opinion but am in no way obligated to follow the votes and will consider your vote voided if there is any spikes, bald spots or flaming red in your suggestion. K here are the choices I was thinking.

I could get my hair cut shorter with a sporty look, that I will NOT have to put up since I am not hair putter upper coordinated, with blond highlights 

or I can keep the same ol' same ol' and get a trim with blond highlights. Which means I need to get over my uncoordinated hair putting up abilities.

Any thoughts feelings, concerns, other ideas? 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Megan's Awkward Moments

So here is another one of my favorite awkward moments that happened earlier today. 

Awkward Moment px45923: "Beached Whale"

So I am into kickboxing at La Boxing here in town and I love it. Even though it is the roughest thing that I have ever done. It is right up there with week long basketball camp that was so stressful I got shingles when I got home. 

Anyway I am rambling, on with the awkward goodness!! So after sweating through my shirt during the first 45 mins out of an hour long workout, the last 15 mins all we do is abs. Let me tell you when you do abs you let go of all hope of looking lady like and just give into laying on the floor and feeling awkward. 

But here is the kicker, we do one ab session where we are laying face down on the floor, then in a brilliant move of grace and athleticism you are suppose to raise you upper body off the floor while you feet and lower body are on the ground while moving you arms from above your head to your waist. Well that is how you are suppose to do it. I on the other hand, flail about like a beach whale, trying really hard to just, you know, breath and continue to do the exercise while trying not to laugh at myself. Can you say beached whale, yea that is what I thought. Well just another moment in the life of Megan.

Until next time.


So just a little update that I got contacts today, just thought you all should know. Which means I can see while doing physical activity. I think this is a start of a wonderful relationship. 

Well, as long as it does not take me an hour to put them in my eye, every morning. If you do not see me tomorrow I will be in my bathroom putting in my contacts. 


Friday, August 1, 2008


Today is the day I have been waiting for since, well, I started working at the rehab. 

The day I get to be a slob for the rest of the summer until I have to start school. NO more work as a technician EVER again! Let the fun and doctor, hair, nail, and massage appointments begin!  

I will miss my friends at work though, really great people. But bring on the fun!!