Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert the Presses

Hello once again my bloggy friends! It has been way too long. I finished my first semester of PT school and the good news is that I am going back for another semester! yay!

So you might be asking yourself what I will be doing with my free time. Well I will be reading for fun! I know I am crazy, but I am (was) in the middle of three yes three books before school started so yea going to finish those. I actually finished the 7th Artemis Fowl book the day after school ended it is an easy and fun read that I can just sit and read till my eyes hurt, which is always fun, well in a weird way.

Now I am working on Brisinger (dragon rider series), or however it is spelled, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I am almost done with Two Towers, a.k.a. never ending journey through rocks, then onto Return of the King. So any who that is what I will be doing. I actually can not decide what I should read first Lord of the Rings or Brisinger what do you think??

Anyway, enough with my ramblings about my reading choices, the most exciting thing about this Christmas is my Brother and his Wife are coming into town, YAY!!!!! I can not wait!!!!!

Well anyway I got to get back to one of my books, Let me know which to read first, Lord of the Rings or Brinsinger???? (I think I spelled Brisinger about four different ways, oh well hehe).

Later Dayz and Happy Christmas ;)