Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Week!

Well bloggernets, the time has come. The time to start counting down the last week of PT school. I did not think that this week would ever get here and now that it is here all I can say is:


Enjoy your week and all those taking finals good luck!
Oh and to those that I offended about excluding them from the list of my loyal readers I do apologize ;)

Later Dayz

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I can see the Finish Line

Well Bloggy Buddies it is the weekly update to tell you how excited I am about my upcoming graduation. Well I am 5 days away from return back to the Oasis of the west, Abilene, and then 12 days away from graduating with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Words can really not accurately express how truly excited I am about this fact but I think through all of this my two readers, (thanks Mom and Dad), will truly know how much I am excited about the fact that I will be graduating from higher education forever, or until I decide that I need a PhD which if far, far, far, far away in my future. Well since I am kinda rambling I think I better go and I hope all you my bloggy faithfuls a joyful winter season. Until next week I leave you with this inspirational thought.


later dayz

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soooooo close and yet,..........

Well bloggernets, it is that time to update ye ol' blog. It has been an okay week nothing too overly spectacular happened this week. Just went to work and came, came home, and went back to work the next day. Oh my goodness I almost forgot the best part of the week!!!!!

I WENT TO THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF HP7 part 1. Very exciting My cousin and her friend, me, another student from work, and PT from work and another girl from work, and another friend came along. It was very fun and I only had to work for an 1 hour the next day so it was okay.

Other than that the week was uneventful. This weekend my Cousin and I went out and had what I name "cousin bonding time" this usually involves us spending money we don't have on the things like food, clothes, and jewelry. In other words we have fun :) Other than that this weekend I have been working on assignments that are due by the beginning of next week that I did not know about until recently. OOPS. Anyway I have almost everything ready to be done with this clinical! I read the Last Lecture which was very good in preparation for my little 3 pg paper. I think that was pretty productive I should be able to finish the rest this week after work.

Well I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving week! I have to work but all those who have a break ENJOY!!!! Later Dayz!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

T-Minus 27 days and counting

Well bloggy friends it has happened. It is officially less that 3o days away from Graduation. I know what you are thinking,

To this I reply good I am glad you have your priorities straight ;)

So let me tell you about this weekend. IT WAS AWESOME! My Mom came down (or across if your are thinking literally) to have a girls weekend. Which usually involves a lot of eating, some shopping, a movie, and relaxing. What else do you need? I propose, Nothing.

However this weekend we had a goal that we had to meet. I needed a dress for graduation. Which bloggernets let me tell you how much I love shopping for dresses, I HATE dress shopping but this trip actually turned out waaaaay better than expected.

So we commenced mission: Find hot looking black dress that makes you look 30 pounds lighter with matching black shoes (it has a ring to it)

Well no joke first place we went we found the dress and by lunch we had the shoes. It was crazy it never happens that fast especially with shoe shopping. Let me explain, me trying to find nice "church" or "interview" shoes is like trying to find the lost city of Atlantis with a snorkel. Well with my dainty size 11 wide squares for feet there are very FEW stores that carry my size, let alone anything that I would actually wear you know if public which is kinda the point. Anyway I am rambling but needless to say I found some that are not super dressy but I can walk in them in front of people with out fear or falling or broken ankles and really that is all that counts right?

Anyway so I had a blast this weekend, I just wished it was longer. Well I hope you all have a great week!! Later Dayz!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

TGI almost F

So because it is Thursday I have some deep and inspirational things to tell y'all, my bloggy peeps.


I know deep and profound, there is no charge for my awesomeness ;)

Happy almost Friday everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Patient's will say the Darndest things

Well Bloggernets this is the second post is week and no my inservice is still no where near completion yet I am watching Castle and writing on my blog. Any who I don't have to be at work until 10am tomorrow so I am thinking I am pulling a PT school classic and staying up late to get things done. Oh well.

So I had a patient tell me something pretty funny today so I think I will share some of the funny things patients will say, no worries no names will be said to protect the innocent and to stick to HIPPAA.

Funny patient quote:

"Ms. Megan when will I get my massage you have tender and magical fingers"

There you have it folks I have tender and magical fingers. You heard it from here first. I am thinking I should put this on my graduation annoucement, or have it be my new rapper name. Megan "magical fingers" Ware. LOL oh dear. Patients WILL say the darndest things. I know it was meant with all sincerity so I do not mind but REALLY??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi, yea um still alive

Hello to all my Blogger peeps that I have sadly let down and not updated my blog in lets say 2 YRS! Where has the time gone? I will say it went to the PT school black whole where basically I dropped off the face of the planet for 2.5 years. I am slowly resurfacing to catch up with friends as I am about to graduate this December and I thought I would start up the Ol' Blog again to try and reconnect. Anyway some things that I have learned over the past 2.5 years.

1. PT and its related business (I should hope so)
2. Caffeine is a must like Oxygen
3. I am a nerd
4. The ACU and Hardin Simmons libraries close at 12am and you will have to resort to home study or whataburger, I chose home study usually
5. Sharkys is pure awesomeness
7. Time flies weather you are having fun or not
8. That I love doing cardio workouts on the elliptical machine although we have parted ways far too long on this last clinical
9. The human being can learn with very little sleep
11. That it is really hard to blog when you don't have enough time to sleep.

Well there you have it. This list is not all inclusive by any means but this is what I could think of in like 5 minutes. Well bloggers I must sign off due to the fact I should be working on my inservice that is this week that I have not started on yet, oops. Anyway more updates laters!!!!

34 more days until graduation and counting, GET EXCITED!