Friday, May 30, 2008


So since I had such a fabulous week I thought I would share just a little bit about it. 

According to centers for disease control or the CDC (not kidding)  "Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called salmonella. Most persons infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection."  

So needless to say I have made some new friends this week, Sal, Mon, and Nella. So me and my new friends are gonna party like it is 1999 until, well, they leave. So talk to you fine bloggers later!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Time no talk

Well it has been a long time since I have updated my blog but lets just say that Shigela (which is what I possibly might have),  is not fun. Needless to say that I have felt a little poopie the past couple of days. So until next time or until I feel better. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


K well last night my mom threw a bunco party and I was asked to be an alternate. Lets just say that I had a blast and well here is some of my favorite subjects of conversation:

Mother I am 22!!!
Self-Cleaning ovens
diets, while eating hot dogs
how I look 15
Thank goodness I found freedom in Christ (thanks Pam)

Cutest costume goes to Anne (red socks pend to her shirt)

I Know there is more just can not think of them at the moment. Until next time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have a new reality T.V. show idea for the nation. 

You Get 1,000 aspiring comedians, singers, idols, dog groomers, millionaires, bachelors, and bachelorttes,  then put them in Nascars let them ride around only turning left, then have them play three rounds of golf, and then go to an island in the middle of an ocean having them separate into teams compete in pointless games for shells on a stick, then after the winner is announced  they all go and try to become animal groomers, then chefs, top models, and then all move in together in a house full of cameras. Then the last one standing has to watch people actually doing normal stuff like going to work.  I think I shall call it, 

"Hello!!!!!!!  I want some REAL television"  

I mean when did we break into "reality" overload??? And I know Nascar and golf are not reality T.V. I just thought I would throw those in for good measure.  K well just thought I would get that off my chest.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cause sometimes you just need some Tacos

Let me Prelude this Taco story to just say that me and rising before the sun (5:30 am!), not good news for the people around me. In fact, I felt like a bear who is coming out of hibernation ready to eat and devour any person or thing that comes in my way. Not to mention that I do not even remember driving to work today. Huh, not good. To all those who had to endure such fun-ness (not to mention brilliant driving skills that I have no recollection of doing) from me all I have to say is............. sorry, but it is not my fault that they changed my schedule.

Well today is Taco Tuesday which means there is a deal at Rosa's for the Taco Plate. You get three tacos and rice and beans and two tortillas. Let me tell you (I say that a lot, hmmm) after already working 6 hours the time lunch rolled around, I was hungry, upset, and in dire need of some Taco goodness. So Dad took me to lunch :-D Which was great fun and well yall just think I vent on this here blog but, oh does he get to hear a lot more ranting and raving at lunch. So anyway Diet is going well as you can see. Well I mean I did just eat a bowl of fresh cherries, I mean fruit erases fat and in fact erases all other calories ingested for the rest of the day.

Calories: 100000000 over my limit (i like Tacos)

stressful day: 10000000 pulled out hairs 

Bowl of fresh Cherries: Priceless


Monday, May 12, 2008

Well at least I do not work in the Pool

Let me tell you bloggers that it is Monday again, in case you did not notice the death march music playing in the background all day long, and well we all started our new schedules at work. I have one friend who is out of town for a week and another one is covering for her in the Pool, let me tell ya, I have complained a lot about work, but it does not even compare to the chlorinated crazy that is in the pool. 

Number one, let me tell you that for some reason if you have a Hendrick badge on and  sitting in the pool, it means to all, come on in and tell us everything you wouldn't normally tell people about your life and be sure to complain about absolutely EVERYTHING you can and finish it up by asking, "where is K."(My friend who runs the pool) After resisting the urge to drown them, you just say, "she is on vacation for a week". 

After their faces turn from judgemental to disappointed they walk down the stairs into the pool, get about an inch in and say, "wow the pool is cold today" well since we are there to serve we check the temperature. The pool temperature should be 89 degrees, guess what the temperature was, go on guess.......... 88 yes that is right, these ladies can tell the difference of water temperature to the degree. Wanting to drown youself in the four foot pool, you then have to tell them the Hot tub (or in theraputic language, "theraputic Spa") is broken. 

Okay bloggy buddies, I was in there for about 1 hr in today, by the end me and my friend just broke down into laughing fits. You sometimes just have to laugh to keep from crying. Oh poor poor friend who was stuck there ALL DAY.

Well I guess it is just another Monday. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love Saturday

Hurray for Saturday!!!! 

that is all I got to say about that, cause it is Saturday I have some stuff to do.

Laters Megster

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what day is it again??

Okay, so it is Thursday, I know it has been since Monday since I have updated, and really to tell you the truth,  you are lucky that I even have enough energy to form you know, words let alone thoughts, and move my fingers on the keyboard. 

So today was my, "way too early to get to work," day. And guess what the very first thing my boss said this morning tells me, "well since J. has a new position she does not open to outpatient gym anymore you need to get here 10 minutes before 7 to open." (banging head against the wall in despair). Now for those who are Math illiterate that means I will get to work at 6:50 in the morning, yes the morning. Sooooo since time does not exist before 6 am, this seems impossible.

(Side Bar)
Let me so tell you that I hate mornings just about as much as anything, the only thing worse is Monday mornings. I kinda feel like you know hitting people and being grumpy to let people know that I hate mornings.  I am gonna need a gallon of Diet Dr. Pepper to function.

So when the ringing in my ears stopped and my blood pressure dropped back down to safe levels and that little vain on my head that pulses in the fight or flight scenario calmed down,  I calmly replied okay is that all you wanted to talk to me about, thinking you know that hmmmm maybe I will get a you know, a "we appreciate how hard you work" or something along those lines not a, "get here at work before dawn!"

I mean, Do people even exists that early? I am here to tell you NO! 

Well now that I got over well having to be there before my eyes and arms work, I realized that hmmm I am the only technician in the gym for two hours so when the two hours pass (along with losing about ten pounds, some hair and two machines needed for rehab) I see the other technician there and wow am I glad to see him. 

Then I realized that I was sweaty, yes that is right sweaty I am sure that I looked stunningly beautiful for the rest of the day. I am thankful for putting on extra D.O. for the B.O. 

Well I am home and well thank goodness cause I worked from 7-6 today and if I had to work another second I think I might of just melt into a puddle. So on that happy note, I just finished eating steak (thanks dad!) and am watching survivor. So really I am now just putting off my second  job duties and studying for my final tomorrow, that I definitely have not even started studying for, ooooops ;) 

Well overall I am so glad this day is over and I think that it will not be as bad as a day when I look back on it tomorrow. So I will leave you with an inspiring quote that I really need to hear: 

"It requires less Character to discover the faults of others than it does to tolerate them."

J. Petit Senn 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Is Monday over yet???

Hello bloggy friends and well it is Monday yet again, I mean seriously we just had a Monday like yesterday, well not really but you know what I mean.  

Well my Monday was the same, except I got to come home from work 30 minutes early yay!!! But really I am just running on the fun that I had this weekend. Well Friday is coming and I think this is going to be a pretty good week. 

Hope yall have a good day!!! 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Deers 'R' US

So about that whole posting everyday thing, hmmmmm well that did not happen but I will try to catch you up in a couple of sentences about the days leading up to the BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR.

Okay poopie day on Thursday until Free night at Primetime, and by night I mean 9-12 at night (paid for that on Friday morning) , I went with a friend and it was super fun. Then went to work on Friday morning had a half day so I came home packed and hit the road for DFW. My Dad asked if I wanted to have a Dallas weekend a little while ago and I said YES so we picked up my mom at her work and we dropped her off at the Alta Mesa Ladies retreat that she was speaking at, which happened to be in the same area that my Dad and I went.

Okay now the fun part, okay well sometimes we stay in hotels that I like to call possum inns (that one possum buffet just ruined those for me ;) Well let me just tell you, polar opposite situation, we stayed at the Westin by DFW airport and let me tell you, I kept asking him "do you think they will notice if we took the shower head?" ( I am telling you when they have written heavenly shower they were not kidding) and " Do you think they will notice if we took the bed?" (that one, they would probably notice, I mean two people with a large mattress coming off the elevator and through the lobby and out the door, I think they might have noticed but believe me you would want to risk it too).

Okay moving on to bigger and better things. We were only in Dallas for about 30 hrs so this was all done in that short of time so I am a little tired today but soooooo worth it.

So we checked in to Heavenly Hotel Formerly Known as Westin. "HHFKW". Then we then went looking for Bass Pro Shop well okay ladies my Dad spent a whole lot of money and time setting this weekend up for me so yea I went to Bass Pro shop, anyway we found it and not only was there a bass pro shop there where other outdoorsy stores in a row which I have nicknamed ManMall (Megan Original) I think there was the bass pro shop, Deers'R'Us, Guns N More, Hunters Heaven, and other such lovely stores that felt way out of my league,I felt a little uneasy getting out of the car, so not my element.

Okay a break saying that I did not remember every store name except bass pro so I made up the others but basically I got the atmosphere right

Let me tell you something about the stereotype that men do not shop like women, waaaaaaaaaaay wrong, I think we spent about 300 dollars at Bass Pro within 10 feet of the front door, no lie. Well I had fun, I got some mucho comfy sandals for flat footed people, that I love to wear and some socks and sunglasses.

Anyway after that we went to one of my favorite Italian food places called Carrabbas and we ate our respected dinners and then we split the best chocolate cake in the WORLD, yes in the WORLD. Okay imagine the best day you ever had, with hot fudge, brownie, and heavenly ingredients that are unnameable.

I kinda had one of those moments like in the movie when the woman and the man of the story meet eyes and know they will fall in love in 0.00005 seconds. Yea that was me, but with cake, (i like chocolate a little too much and put it in cake form I am gone) so after that we rolled back to the car and headed back to the HHFKW and I took a heavenly shower and then watch sports and TV till I fell asleep in 20 seconds. Then I woke up ,got ready, and then we went to PF Changs for lunch we split chicken lettuce wraps and Mongolian beef yes it was as delicious as it sounds.

Then we went to see IRON MAN the movie and that was a lot of fun, it is a flawed Hero action flick. Then we went to my all time favorite TEX-Mex restaurant Chuys and there well lets say I dinned very well and there was a VAT of creamy Jalapeno just for me. We did bring home some for mom and I got a Chuys shirt. Then we drove home. In other words best weekend this semester by far. To sum it up Diet Zero, fun 1,000,000,000,000. So that is about it for this week and I am hoping that this week is even better, catch ya tomorrow