Sunday, October 26, 2008

What up home fries

So it has been near an eternity since I have blogged and I wanted to take the time to say hey, how's it going, or what up yo' which ever you prefer to my bloggy buddies.

A little update about school : it is hard. You might be thinking "uh Megan, no duh it is hard, it is doctorate of physical therapy school, what did you think it would be like, kindergarten where you take a nap and then give you a diploma?" Then I would reply well, "no, of course not (in a not convincing tone)"

No really, I did not think that at all, but you know I did not think I would have to, you know, choose what to cut out of my day for more study time between sleeping and eating. Seriously, the thought crossed my mind, then my panic stricken self went away and a reality check in the form of a friend reassured me that I would will be fine. But I did start studying for a couple of my finals today, my finals are in five weeks, I never thought I would be one of those people that studied this much, but God does detailed work and there is a lot to learn.

So anyway overall I love school, especially the people. There are some really fun and diverse people in my class and I love to just see how people interact so that makes the days really fun.

Hmmmm what else, oh this past week I took 3 written tests and 3 practicals so a not too bad of a week is ahead I mean what else could they possibly test on right?

I hope all is going well with you guys and I hope to write more often. I will ttyl and I will try to write some more funny things that happen at school or in the interviews, did y'all know people cry in those................. huh weird, later

Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Ten things that PT school teaches you

Okay so besides the obvious................... Oh and if there are weak stomachs sorry, do not read.

10. That "another manic monday" actually has meaning (what did I do this weekend, not nearly enough)

9. You will always be behind in what you are suppose to be doing

8. That random comments make 8 hrs worth of grad school at day go by faster

7. That subcutaneous fat looks like greasy scrabbled eggs

6. I will not eat scrambled eggs until I am done with gross anatomy

5. There are teachers that sound like Charlie Brown's teacher, especially after lunch

4. Caffiene is a gift, but you will soon become less affected by it, which means you need more for the same effect.

3. Lack of sleep and allergies will result in sinus infection

2. You feel guilty when not studying

1. Stress happens!!!!, try to stay away from the chocolate when it does!

Best quote of the day: Tech Guy holding a (fake) Rib, to my Kinesiology Professor:

"here make a women"