Friday, September 26, 2008

Another week down

So here is the official statement: I have been officially a Student of Physical Therapy for a month! Good news, I have not failed out, I have not been kicked out, and I think I am getting used to the schedule and the lack of sleep thing. yay me!!

oh!, an update about the dreaded test that was Monday, I not only passed but I made a 79 which was 5 points lower than the highest score and 2 points above the class average!! So I am making it. This week has been a pretty good week, busy but good! So just wanted to update you guys on the current goings on as a PT student and well let me tell you what I am doing with my life right now,

Go to class
Study for class
workout for stress relief caused by class
get sleep to stay awake in class
study for class

go to church on Sunday

I am seeing a theme, anyone else? haha well that is my life and I really look forward to seeing most people on Sunday, So until then just remember December 2010 is right around the corner ;)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Kicking and Screaming

So today is the end of week three of PT school, good news they have not kicked me out and I have not failed out yet ;) Also, I passed my first anatomy test with a solid "B" (wooohooo) and I passed a med terms "test" with flying colors yay me!!! So this week has been pretty good.

This weekend however, will be stressful because I have a dreaded Kinesiology test on Monday. This class is one that you dread going to because you know that you will end up crying during long study sessions that seem to make you feel dumber than help you. Yea that class. What is way worse, is the stories I hear from the 2nd years about the test. And the fact that all the professors laugh when we mention Kinesiology tests in their class is a little troubling. Here are some of the things I have heard this week.

1. You will cry because of this class
2. The mean after the curve is a 68! (from kinesiology professor)
3. You will look at the test and say, "we did not go over this in class"
4. You will look at the test and say. "What is this?"
5. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
6. Just remember this verse from Monday

These "helpful" hints are soooooooooooo helpful that my blood pressure rises to about 180/150 mm HG and then smoke comes out of my ears every time people start talking about kinesiology. Now here is my thing about helpful tips. The list above IS NOT HELPFUL!!! (well the verse is) What I really need is instant knowledge about levers, and force vectors, and other stuff that I do not remember. I mean I thought I got rid of physics after undergrad and here is my nemesis all over again!!! Okay well praying for me!

I just thought I was going to get some sleep this weekend , HA! So that is my weekend plans so I hope y'all have a better weekend than that planned!! WAIT I forgot I get my nails done and a message this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!, hmmmm things are looking up! I guess I will see you guys at church.

Hold on Tuesday is coming!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Naked Runner Story

So on a previous post that I wrote a couple of days ago I got a comment that I needed to write about the naked runner story told by my professor. So Sarah this is for you.

One of my professors is real big into triathlons and wakes up before time exists and rides his road bike and swims and etc. I know crazy. Well one Sunday morning he was riding his bike here in town and he was in the "speed position" or whatever you call it this whole triathlon thing is way foreign to me, you know with the bars and the head down looking at the pedals. Yea anyway he was riding along when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. So when he was going past this "object" (that happened to be crossing over to his side of the road) he looked up from his speed position and whammo it was a guy running naked. That is right naked. Well actually he was wearing a bandanna around his neck. He also just said that he did not look back after he had past him. LOL oh the things we learn at PT school. Till next time.

This is my version of what he said so I could not remember some of the exact details but the main parts are right so yea, Abilenians be aware if you are out in the wee hours of the morning you never know what you might see!

Texas Value Cards

Hey there bloggy friends, so I hate to do this but our class is selling Texas Value Cards so I thought I would "advertise" on my blog. So

What are Texas Value Cards?

They are a discount card that you can use here in Abilene and even out of town for restaurants and entertainment venues. They contain coupons for the Zoo, movie theatres, Restaurants, And I also think Prime Time. There are a lot of deals for buy one get one free meals or entry.

How much do they cost?
$15 and $9 go directly to our class. That might sound steep but if you get two buy one get one free meals then hey there ya go you paid for your card :-D

How will this money (my money) be used?
It goes directly to our class to help with things like: a Clinical opportunity in African for a few students (help with the cost to go), Mission trip to Mexico in the summer(cost of fiood, lodging, and other general costs), Help cost for graduation regalia and banquet, and more that I am not exactly sure about. But we get $9 out of every card sold.

Is it worth it?
I have not used the cards but I am thinking about getting one myself. I know professors at our school also buy these cards and one said she always buys at least one because "it pays for itself in two meals". So it is up to you.

If you are interested just reply to this blog and we will take it from there. Oh and I think this might be a fundraiser for some schools in this area so I do not want to get in the way of some of your kiddos so FYI I would check what they are doing.

Thanks Y'all until next time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain, Books, and Exams oh my

So here I am blurry eyed from lack of sleep and too much reading of kinesiology and I thought, "Self I have not posted anything on my blog for far too long." Then I quickly replied to myself, "Megan you are so right you need to post something tonight." So here I am.......


I am in the process of finishing up my 2nd week of PT school and I am still a little "lost" into my syllabi. Now you might be thinking Megan it can not be that bad but oh let me tell you something, the most stressful thing about this whole PT school business thing is trying to keep everything strait in your head. Which is normally hard without, you know science running through my head 24/7. That might not sound that bad but the amount of things that I have to do in a given day on top of actually learning stuff and retaining it, is the hard thing. So anyway, enough with the stress, we all have enough stress in our days so some best parts of WEEK 2 of PT school.

1. Rain !!!! in west Texas we almost never complain about rain.
2. Naked runner story from professor
3. Rain which means an hour more sleep a night because I did not have to walk in the morning!
4. Passing a Medical Terms quiz my guessing alone wooohooo!!! Love those days
5. Sharky's With new friends and seeing other friends there too!!
6. Getting things done
7. Rain
8. Awkward moments, oh the awkward moments in lab (more to come on those ;) )
9. Listening to my theme song (unbreakable by Fireflight)
10. Actually understanding 75% of test material for Anatomy test on Tuesday
11. Making new friends
12. Did I mention Rain??

So yay for 2nd week of school. The next 3 weeks I have tests so well lets just say that I might look, sound, or act a little more stressed than normal. (look for brown headed girl banging her head with a kinesiology book trying out osmosis)

So that means the writing will be a little patchy but hang in there I will post some awkward lab moments this weekend hopefully so that will just have to get you through the next couple of weeks. K well hope y'all have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend, oh that means college football, I love Saturdays in the fall.

Later I might get to bed before midnight yay Sleep!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My day tomorrow

Just so my blog friends know about my day tomorrow or on most Mondays I thought I would tell you my schedule for tomorrow.

MONDAY Week 2: " I have no idea what I am doing, this could get interesting"

5:50 am--Wake up get dressed to go walk
6:00 am--Walk around campus with "S"
6:55 am--Get home and eat breakfast with mom
7:10 am--Shower quickly and get dressed for school
7:25 am--Check email etc......
7:35 am--Drive to school haul 50 lbs of books into class
8:00 am--Kinesiology
10:00 am--Physiology (I think, this might be seminar tomorrow i dunno)
11:00 am--Staff meeting early lunch for us
11:15 am--Meet mimi grandfather and dad for mimi b-day lunch
1:00 pm--Foundations maybe another class in there in the afternoon not sure
5:00 pm--Lug all books back to car and drive home and get ready for kickboxing
6:00pm--Drive to kickboxing
7:30pm--Hobble to car and drive home
8:00pm--Eat dinner and rehydrate
8:30pm--Read over notes and do HW
10:00pm--Shower again and study as needed and try to go to sleep before midnight

wow no wonder I am tired.

(random tangent warning)
Well to get me through PT school I have found a theme song, way girly and maybe a little sad but hey look at my schedule you would need a theme song too, it is called "unbreakable" from Fireflight. Hardcore Christian Rock, FYI.
(end of random tangent)

K well it is off to bed for me I will see you when I see you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

First week of PT

So I just finished my first week of PT school and wow am I tired. Not only did I start the most intense learning experience ever; it has been compared to drinking out of a fire hydrant, you do not get a lot to drink but you sure do get wet, but I also supplemented my kickboxing. I am getting up and walking with a friend around the ACU track at 6 am every week day. (y'all remember how I love mornings since time does not exist before 6 am)
You might say, "Megan that is too much" and I will tell you something, the stress of PT school makes me want to eat, (ice cream with lots of chocolate) so instead I exercise. But I really do not have a long time to tell you about my week because I still have to get about 5 chapters done before bed tonight. Which means I am doing HW on a Friday night, I know that is a little sad but hey I have resigned myself to not having a social life for 2 years and three months. So here is what I have to do this weekend.

Medical term. worksheet :DONE
Study medical terminology everyday: about that hmmmm
Finish SOAP Note workbook: DONE HURRAY!
Write SOAP Note :DONE

Catch up on Reading for Kines and Human Anatomy: DONE
Work on project that is due Wednesday: DONE
Read over all notes from past week: not likely
Practice assessing vitals for 3 more people
Go to store and get more stuff for school: DONE
Not go insane: well i sorta did but hey it is PT school
Try to go to bed before midnight every night: that did not happen stupid SOAP Notes

well better get going time is ticking away!!