Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Encouraging Quote Wednesday

So since it is half way done with this week, or known to many as Hump Day, I thought I would make this day "Encouraging Quote Wednesday" which means that I will look up a quotes and post one that is encouraging or interesting to me on that day. So here is my first ever quote hope you likey. 

  "Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them" 

~Hugh Miller 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Let me just say one thing before the ranting and raving start, I had an epiphany today. Tuesdays, not much better than Mondays, thought you should know. Okay let the ranting and raving begin!

OOOOKAY, so some of you know that I work for my Dad's website, kinda as a PR person who answers emails. Most days it is rewarding but others, like today, I want to take my computer and beat some of the bigoted people who email me over the head until they change their ways. 

Today I got an email saying that we should not have a Spanish version of Heartlight because we are in the US and that we speak English and that we are only making the (immigration) problem worse.

Taking some deep cleansing breaths, in with the good, out with the bad................... okay I am a little better.

This is where I usually say things like, "um wow, not the brightest crayon in the box now are we, it is called the WORLD wide web for a reason!" 

Then I start to thinking, pretty sure Jesus did not speak English even though he does on those really fantastic videos of him ,  (you know the ones where Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes and floats over the ground because you know he is Jesus and why should he trouble himself with, you know earth dirt)  So thank you English dude who translated the Bible into English for us. 

Also, I think it is very sad that a professed Christian is unwilling to spread the word to all nations, tribes, and ethnicity to make disciples of all men (and women), hmmmmm that sure sounds familiar. This is the kind of bigoted comment that gives Christianity a bad name, I mean how would you feel if you were in a different country trying to, you know survive and fit into a church or church community and they would refuse to help you by giving you resources to understand what they are trying to say, and help you learn their language.  I hope I am not the only one who feels this way.

Okay I feel better now thanks for listening and you know I will get in a better mood in a day or so. Talk to you soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Manic Mondays

Let me just say one thing, 

whew I feel better. 

Okay I have this theory here it is: There is a magically evil time warp that slows down Mondays and that to make sure the universe and the space time continuum evens out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday goes by in warp speed. 

Either way I HATE MONDAYS! 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bestest day ever!

Well, Saturday was a busy but GRRRREAT day! I woke up a little early at 8 after 11 and then ran to the: bank, cvs, walmart and then made it to oldnavy when mom got there after her massage.

 We then shopped at Lane Bryant and then to Shoe Carnival. Lets see I got two shirts, three pair of pants, and some shorts for under 100 dollars woooohooooo. So you know I got excited about the amount of clothes that I got for a smaller price than I thought.

I then got a call from my good friend from Austin and her parents were in town and wanted to eat an early dinner/ late lunch so we went to Texas Road house and ate like a bazillion rolls with cinna-butter. Then I got my car washed and then went home and talked to friends from Austin till around 5pm. 

Then I rushed to make my world famous brownies and then ran over to my friend's house to play Duck Hunt, Mario 3, and watch Ocean 12 while eating world famous brownies. I got to bed after 1 am and then woke up to go to WATS day where our church goes out into the city of Abilene to be Jesus to people and do a little or a lot of work. So now I am sitting in my favorite chair watching home makeover. Lets just say I am EXHAUSTED, but I have had the bestest weekend ever!!!! 

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hi my name is Megan and I am an Addict

IT IS FRIDAY, as some of you know Fridays are basically the bestest days EVER I mean even my birthday is on a Friday this year, see best day ever! Fridays make me want to jump and down and scream "IT IS FRIDAY". Anyway down to business.

It is that time to update my blog once again and it is actually kinda hard to come up with blog ideas but today I am going to talk about one of my addictions, Creamy Jalapeno. For you northern folks (Kree-me Hal-a-pee-no). I think it is a little drop of heaven that makes my soul happy. It is creamy it is jalapenoie and it is the best dip to put on your chip since, well ever!

I came across my long lost love one day when I walked into Chuy's Tex-Mex in Austin, it was like a party in my mouth, just for me. I eat in on chips, on chuychangas, on anything really. I am so addicted that it is my goal in life to learn the secret recipe that makes this liquid deliciousness. Since my parents moved to the barren wasteland, I rarely get to eat at chuys or creamy jalapeno. I know it is sad but I think it can make chuys all the more "special". (saying this while going through detox from lack of creamy jalapeno)

Next weekend my parents and I are going to Dallas and there WILL BE a chuy's stop and yes there will be a vat of creamy jalapeno just for me!!!!! yay!

Anyway, I am so glad it is Friday and I can look forward to the two days I have until work starts again. Everyone have a great weekend and if you are in the neighborhood and happen to have some creamy jalapeno on you stop by, you can see my leeches!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It is the day before Friday!!!!

Welllllll, nothing really interesting to say here at the ol' blog, but I NOW have two comments, thanks Mom and Dad! "Touching two people a day" woooohoooo changing the world! or my house hahaha.

Well anywhooooo today at work, "Hendrick Rehab", it was one of those days where you thought there was no way that you could do everything that needed to get done, but you eventually did and you do not remember how you did it all. (maybe that is just me)

Let me tell what my Job entails. EVERYTHING.

k now that we got that covered let me tell you about my day: well I stagger in at 7:06 am whew one more minute and I would have been late, anyway I was drinking, what else of course, a diet Dr. pepper and well lets see what did I do, get things ready for patients, turn on computers and log in, etc etc..... Then let the fun begin, one ultra-sound forty thousand pillow case changes and a million cleanings of mats it is 8 am.

Thinking I might die today "M", my boss's boss, comes and ask me if I could help her. She is the boss that makes your hands sweat uncontrollably and I swear she walks at the speed of light, I saw her pass the enterprise once, k not really but I have to jog to keep up with her. Well she walks, I sprint, we make our way to the dreaded file cabinet, you know the one where things get put in it like instruction manuals, specification, small children, and they are never seen again. Yea well she wanted me to "re-organize" the black hole. (banging head on desk)

So, I am thinking that I must have insulted her small children to be given this task that just might take me years to finish. So I get going sorting through some things and well let see about a hour into it, I get called over by my boss, her small child has gotten sick at day care and she has to leave for the day, great, not only that but another tech had to go across the street for a meeting. So lets see that means it is: me, myself, and I taking care of 5 therapists and basically be a therapist for a really sweet patient. (Banging head harder on desk).

So one mental breakdown later and a tech showing up, after he got done with class, things in the rehab were better. I helped clean-up and then I was back to the abyss. I got the abyss organized and I felt way better about life. I especially liked going through manuals of some therapy devices that look like things from the middle ages, I mean I even found a jar of leeches and a blood letting kits.

So anyway NOW it is elven and with one hour to go, I look up from my newly organized file cabinet (that is am proud of) and no one I mean NOT A PERSON is in the gym. For a second I thought it was the rapture and then someone walked in. With what else, towels and pillowcases to be folded and put away, but before that, I have to go and check serial numbers on every table, ultrasound, iontophoresis machine in the WHOLE BUILDING, for "M". I mean really???? seriously did I do something? Oh well.

Before you know it, it is noon and I am off like a herd of turtles getting out of there, thank goodness today is over, only one more day to go this week, who knows what I will have to do tomorrow, oh and if you need some leeches..........

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ode to the Nectar of Caffeine

Since the only comment I have is from my father at this point I thought I would not start the encouraging quote Wednesday until well, I actually get some readers. So here is my Ode to the Nectar of Caffeine

Some like coffee, others like regular coke or Dr. Pepper, others just like water (healthy freaks of nature, jk luv ya) For me, Diet Dr. Pepper aka: "Sweet, sweet nectar that gets me through the day without wanting to hit people, (No I am not addicted), is my must have, at least once a day to function. I decided to let y'all know that Diet Dr. Pepper is the bomb, today, because after falling sound asleep in class today after having three nights of not-so-good sleep, I decided to stop by my favorite Mom and Pop hamburger joint and pick up a little pick-me up. No Pun intended.

A little random I know, but hey randomness is my way of life. So remember when need to be able to stay awake, and you need to function like a human being, pick up a Diet DP and problem solved. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Country Fried PK???

Well this is my fourth, yes fourth time to start a blog and I am committed to write on this thing everyday. I know ambitious but hey I want people to keep in touch as much as possible so what better way than to let people into the inner-workings of my thoughts, I know scary, soooo here we go!

What does my title mean, well PK means in church talk "Preachers Kid", and NO I am not a rebellious hate church preachers kid and NO I do not try to be Holier than thou either I just try to be as normal as I can be which is saying that I am well kinda normal.
Country fried is just a fun way of letting people know the new surroundings for which I now live. My Freshman year my parents decided to move to go ol' Abilene, so here I am stuck in Abilene where fried food is not only common it is a delicacy (sp?) like you know baked Alaska, fillet Minot, and chicken fried steak.
Some of you might want to ask where is Abilene, well let me tell you, go West from Dallas go for a ways, pass Mordor, keep going west and you will eventually run into the flat, barren, wasteland that is Abilene, which was once described as a place where you go to find your mate and die. (Slight sarcasm) Seriously it is a nice place that is flat, but full on really nice people.
So I am officially calling this blog open for business, I think I am going to also have special days like encouraging quote Wednesday and spiritual thought Friday or something like that, but I probably wont til I get at least one comment from my posts. So here we go, talk to you laters :)