Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long Time no chat

Well bloggernets, I know it has been over a year since I have graced you with my writing awesomeness, however I am back and hopefully I will be a little bit better this year to keep you informed of all things Megan. Since my last post I have graduated from PT school and have a big girl job as a Physical Therapist for almost a year now. First thing that I learned from working is that well, you actually have to go for like the next bazillion years with no hope of retirement with our current economy. Which brings to mind the scene from Joe vs the Volcano "another day older and deeper in debt," but I digress, anyway on a lighter note and a more thankful note I really do love being a PT just not so much the paperwork but, hey!, I have it really good compared to most so a lot to be thankful for.

So as of recently I have had this random swelling in my hands with pain etc.... which is a little scary but I am not really worried until I see a rheumatologist in February. What I really want to talk about getting my blood drawn. I know, sorry for the weak "constitutioned" but this is pretty funny, or at least in my head which is all that really counts.

Okay so with this swelling I have had THREE blood draws in about 5 weeks. So you are thinking okay whats the big deal? Well when I say the poor nephrologist (people who take blood) are close to tears by the time they get done taking my blood that would be an understatement. This brings me to a flashback of a small and very cute Megan having her blood taken for the first time, and they made me run around the building because my veins were "hiding". No lie I ran around that stupid building to make my stupid veins pop out. OK so the first time it only took 3 sticks, 4 the second time, and now a 6 yes 6 times they tried it took two nephrologists, a syringe, and two test tube bottles. Yes by the time I left I know they put my Picture up in the back with words reading IF YOU SEE THIS GIRL TAKE YOUR BREAK FOR AN HOUR! anyway long story short it took over an hour 8 small glasses of water and two nepharologists to get my blood the plus side I would have a fighting chance with a Vampire

okay later dayz peeps!

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Donna said...

You are hilarious!! Highlight of my day and so good to know there are no worries about vampires! "one less thing"