Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dust and Laundry the great equalizer

Hey peeps,
So as I am contemplating my next ground breaking blog post, I will write about my weekend. Well before I tell you what I did yesterday let me preface by saying prednisone has an interesting affect on me, some "side effects" may include: generalized hyperness, invincibility complex, the munchies, and hotness (the temperature).

Let me explain; first off hyperness I feel like I could run for about 100 miles and not be tired and I can't go to sleep at night but that's okay because the invincibility complex makes it feel like I can run through a wall and not feel it, munchies well lets just say I should have NEVER bought those fun sized bag of snickers yesterday, and hotness well I could be at the north pole and still be sweating.

So yesterday, still on the high from predinose I decided to clean, and when I say clean its not the wipe down counters clean its the clean the doors and the baseboards clean. I went a little insane but hey I felt like I could clean my whole apartment complex and not get tired so whats to lose. Then my fatal flaw....... I SAT DOWN. Ugh so the floors did not get done..... but there is always next week..........oh well the prednisone high was nice while it lasted :)
Later Dayz

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Donna Ware said...

Invincibility! Hmmm I like that! Me need some of that stuff--feeling very "vincible" these days!